Owners Corporation Tip # 1

Changing Owners Corporation Managers

If your Owners Corporation Committee is not happy with the current Owners Corporation Manager and the Committee is considering appointing a new Owners Corporation Manager – ensure you do your due diligence!

Check the current OC Manager’s Authority/Agreement for expiry date. If you appoint another Manager whilst you are still in agreement with the current OC Manager – your Owners Corporation will be obligated to pay two management fees and legally you will have to continue paying the original Manager’s fees until the agreement expires!

Free Owners Corporation Information Sessions

Owners Corporation (formerly Body Corporate) FREE Information Sessions at Consumer Affairs Victoria

Did you know as an owner or a potential owner of a lot in an Owners Corporation (formerly Body Corporate) you can attend a FREE information session run by Consumer Affairs Victoria?

The sessions are very informative and provide an overview of the Owners Corporation Act, information on activating an Owners Corporation, how to deal with issues as they arise, tips to get the best out of your Owners Corporation, an opportunity to ask questions and information on how CAV can help you.

To find out more, visit www.consumer.vic.gov.au/news-and-events