Owners Corporation (formerly Body Corporate) Management Services

We work hard for you all year round, not just the week before your AGM!

At GMG Management Services we have the expertise to manage and ensure the smooth operation of your Owners Corporation while constantly striving to keep costs affordable.

Based in Melbourne’s South-Eastern suburbs, we manage Owners Corporations for strata properties all over Melbourne.

We have a network of high quality service providers including plumbers, electricians and maintenance specialists who help us ensure the efficient operation of your Owners Corporation common property.

Our service providers share our philosophy that it makes good business sense to offer reliable and dependable services at an affordable cost.

Our aim at GMG Management Services is to grow our business through client recommendations based on the value for money and high quality customer service that we provide.

What we can do for your Owners Corporation

  • Advise you of your rights and obligations as members of the Owners Corporation
  • Comply with all requirements under the Owners Corporation Act 2006
  • Help you make informed decisions.

Owners Corporation Management Services

  • Convening and conducting Inaugural General Meetings, Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings and Committee Meetings
  • 24 hour Hotline service for repairs of common property
  • Maintain an address for receiving correspondence
  • Handle correspondence
  • Arranging for maintenance, repair and replacement of common property in accordance with the instructions of the Owners Corporation
  • Arrange quotations for works to the common property
  • Enforcing the rules relating to common property
  • Prepare Owners Corporation Certificates
  • Maintain an accurate record of correspondence, asset register, strata plan, rules and regulations
  • Arrange and renew Insurances and lodging of insurance claims on behalf of the owners corporation
  • Arrange a Maintenance Plan
  • Compliance with all requirements under the Owners Corporation Act 2006 & Regulations.

Financial Services

  • Maintaining the accounts of the Owners Corporation, preparing the Annual Financial Reports.
  • Operate a separate bank account which allows each Owners Corporation to provide transparency of all payments and receipts
  • Invoicing Owners Corporation Fees
  • Collect levies from all members
  • Validating and Payment of Invoices
  • Provide for Direct Electronic Funds Transfer Facilities
  • Arrears Recovery
  • Arrange and renew insurances.
  • Budget Forecast (Admin & Sinking Fund)
  • Present a full set of Financial Records to all members at the appropriate meetings.

Services for Property Developers

We can assist you to setup the Owners Corporation and advise you on your duties and obligations under the Owners Corporation Act 2006.

We also offer advice during the development and design stage to help minimise maintenance and operational running costs.

Ready to change your owners corporation management?

As well as making sure you meet your obligations, we’re committed to returning your phone calls and replying to your emails promptly.

Call us on 0401 401 058 for a confidential discussion about your Owners Corporation management needs.